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We believe in our clients. Believe in their dedication, determination, and drive to succeed.

We believe in creating a framework for our clients to continuously grow and achieve, without having to worry about any billing stress or difficulty dealing with third party payers. That’s why we provide quality services that focus on maximizing reimbursement and increasing revenue with reliability and efficiency. Because we believe in you. And as your team, we will support you as you continue to accomplish.

Meet Shana

Shana Friedler has been helping and supporting companies succeed for over 20 years.

Reliable and responsible, Shana ensures that all claims will be billed by the end of each month and paid accordingly.

Throughout her years working in medical billing, she has created personal relationships with insurance companies and case workers, leading to quick responses and timely payment. With a 98% return claims rate, you can feel confident that you are receiving maximum profit with minimum stress.


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